Metacaulk® Cast-In-Place Device (CID)

Metacaulk® Cast-In-Place Device (CID)


  • Integral intumescent firestop
  • UL Classified systems up to 3 hrs
  • Eliminates drilling of concrete
  • Reduces labor time
  • Tested in accordance withASTM E814 (UL 1479)
  • Assembled in USA
  •  Single component Cast-In-Place device, approved for use with a multitude of penetrating items. Will prevent the spread of fire from through-penetration services in concrete floors
  • Installs prior to concrete pour.
  • Casts directly into the concrete to form an embedded intumescent service supply.
  • Combustible plastic/metal pipe, power & telephone cable floor penetrations in multi-floor construction.
  • Installs using both temporary wood or metal forms.

FBC™ System Compatible indicates that this product has been tested, and is monitored on an ongoing basis, to assure its chemical compatibility with Flowguard Gold®, Blazemaster® and Corzan® piping systems and products made with TempRite® Technology.

The FBC System Compatible Logo, FBC™, FlowGuard Gold®, BlazeMaster®, Corzan® and TempRite® are trademarks of Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc. or its affiliates.

Product CodeTypeDimension Qty
67202Cast-in-Place Device2-inch device (8-in. height)12
67203Cast-in-Place Device3-inch device (8-in. height)12
67204Cast-in-Place Device4-inch device (8-in. height)12
67206Cast-in-Place Device6-inch device (8-in. height)6
67232Height Extension4-in. extension for 2-in. device6
67233Height Extension4-in. extension for 3-in. device6
67234Height Extension4-in. extension for 4-in. device6
67236Height Extension4-in. extension for 6-in. device6
67222Deck Adapter Kit2-inch device adapter & 4-in. extension6
67223Deck Adapter Kit3-inch device adapter & 4-in. extension6
67224Deck Adapter Kit4-inch device adapter & 4-in. extension6
67226Deck Adapter Kit6-inch device adapter & 4-in. extension6