Metacaulk 835+ Spray

Metacaulk 835+ Spray


  • Cures to flexible seal
  • Suitable for areas of significant movement
  • Can be applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • Forms a water/rain resistant seal after 1 hour
  • Interior and exterior application
  • Application temperature -20°F to 120°F
  • Excellent freeze-thaw
  • Meets Type S, Grade P, Class 25, Use NT, M, G, A, O.


Product Description

Metacaulk® 835+ Spray is an elastomeric silicone based firestop sealant that will prevent the spread of flames, smoke, hot gases and water through joint openings. Cures to a flexible seal. Is suitable for areas of significant movement and can be applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces.

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Product Codes And Case Sizes
Product Code
SizeQuantityUPCInterleavedDimensionsCubic Feet
662955 Gallon10214449662956NA12 Dia. x 141.08

Wall-to-floor transition joints, wall-to-wall control joints, floor-to-floor curtain wall joints