Metacaulk® 835+ Firestop Silicone Sealant

Metacaulk® 835+ Firestop Silicone Sealant


  • Exterior / Interior use
  • Weather/chemical resistant
  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • STC rating 55
  • Meets ASTM C920, Type S, Grade NS, Class 25, Use NT, M, G, A, O
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Metacaulk® 835+ is for applications that require a silicone-based firestop. Designed for use with PVC pipe on closed (pressure) systems, EMT, insulated and uninsulated steel pipe, construction and control joints and interior expansion joints. Flexible, non-sag and low odor sealant for exterior or interior use. Used in systems where dynamic movement is expected. Application temperature -20°F to 120°F. Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating 55, The test was performed in accordance with ASTM E 90, Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions and Elements.



FBC™ System Compatible indicates that this product has been tested, and is monitored on an ongoing basis, to assure its chemical compatibility with FlowGuard Gold®, BlazeMaster® and Corzan® pipe and fittings. FBC™, FlowGuard Gold®, BlazeMaster® and Corzan® are licensed trademarks of The Lubrizol Corporation.


Product Codes And Case Sizes
Product Code
SizeQuantityUPCInterleavedDimensionsCubic Feet
66645 10.15oz cartridge 12 021449666459 10021449666456 8x6x12 .34
66019 5 Gallon 1021449660198 NA13 diax14 1.08
6630020.2 oz sausage caulk grade12021449663007100214496630049x14x7.51
6630120.2 oz sausage self leveling12021449663014100214496630119x14x7.51