Follow the correct UL design for that particular application.

Use the system selector program with the drop down bars to fill in the information for your field and application conditions.

Product Data Sheets and the correct UL design or Engineering Judgment is what the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) is typically looking for.

No – However, contractors can become UL or FM certified by following the proper procedures / guidelines presented by FM & UL. All FS manufacturers typically provide a recognition of training document stating the contractor is trained to properly install that manufacturers product.

Yes – RS offers two trainings twice a year at the corporate in which the contractor receives a “Recognition of Training” document. We do not certify. FM & UL can certify a contractor. Contractors can be trained by a recognized RS employee or sales rep at their office.

Most of our WB sealants and Sprays contain less than 10 grams / liters of VOC’s in our formulation.

We do offer Leed credits for our products. The amount of Leed Credits depends on the location of the project.

Majority of our products are made in Houston, TX

Largest DWV (drain waste & vent) for concrete and gypsum wallboard assemblies is 2 in. – We can do up to 3 in. DWV PVC in wood framed chase wall assemblies.

If we have a 4 hr. UL approved design then that means our products have been exposed to 2000 F.

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