SONY DSCMetacaulk® Firestop Sealants

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BlazeSeal™ creates a firm seal that prevents the flow of hot smoke, gases, and flames through the door-to-frame clearance of single or double-leaf doors by forming a fire barrier around the perimeter.Compared to other brands, BlazeSeal™ exhibits greater intumescence by expanding to 18 times its original size which allows for more flexibility in the placement of the strip and aids in passing tests of longer duration.BlazeSeal™ may be used with standard door and frame designs. A high degree of expansion allows for flexibility in the placement of BlazeSeal

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FBC System Compatible indicates that this product has been tested, and is monitored on an ongoing basis, to assure its chemical compatibility with FlowGuard Gold®, BlazeMaster® and Corzan® pipe and fittings.

FBC, FlowGuard Gold®, BlazeMaster® and Corzan® are licensed trademarks of Lubrizol Corporation.