Approvals & Codes

Metacaulk® Reference

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  1. General Certificate of Compliance
  2. FM General Certificate of Compliance
  3. UL Gasketing & Edge Sealing Materials Fire Doors Certificate of Compliance
  4. UL Firestopping Devices Certificate of Compliance
  5. UL Fill, Void or Cavity Materials Certificate of Compliance
  6. UL Fill, Void or Cavity Materials Certificate of Compliance – Blaze Foam
  7. UL Wall-Opening Protective Materials Certificate of Compliance

Certification of Firestop Products Letter by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Metacaulk® products comply to required environmental exposure testing of accelerated aging and high humidity as per UL 1479 Fire Test of Through Penetration Firestops

List of Model Building Codes requiring the use of firestop products in various types of constructions and occupancies.


Common verbiage found in major model building codes.

Mold Growth Protection

MEA Listings

Movement Cycling

Architectural Specifications

Pass-Thru Device L Rating

Environmental Compliance

LEED Information